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Howl ‘N Prowl ’18

The Howl ʻN Prow is put on by “Old Shit Rules” Sam and Tiny. The show is in Bisbee, Az. which is situated in southern Arizona right on the boarder of Mexico. This show is a choppers only motorcycle show for bikes that are 1984 and down OR any year chopper that is hand built. There are only 80 spots open for entries to the show. It is a cash only show for entry, drinks, raffle tickets or merchandise.

This year the show was held on May 26 which was a Saturday. The original plan was to meet with a friend at Lane Splitters Garage in downtown Phoenix at 8am and ride down. But with motorcycles, we all know how plans can change rather quickly. At 1 AM I check my messages and my friends bike is down with zero hopes of getting it road ready for the 450 mile round trip from Phoenix. Late night text to some friends and some people decided “Eff it– why not leave on a whim Friday night.” I text my friend Tom who is leaving Saturday at 5 AM. I hit the sack for a nap and luckily Tom woke up and saw my message to meet them at 6 AM at Wildhorse Pass.

The weather in Arizona can be tricky in May, it is already on the verge of getting disgustingly hot, but not this day. The early morning weather was crisp and clean and had the feel like it could rain, something we desperately needed in the desert. The clouds made for an awesome show for the trip down south along with the desert scenery. Our 214 mile journey was about to begin, with full tanks of gas myself, Tom and Oscar started our trek down south.

We felt like we made it to Tucson in record time, as Tom got off his bike he was laughing at how fast the 116 miles from Phoenix to Tucson took us. A quick stop for more gas for our small tanks and some hydration we made our way to Tombstone, AZ for breakfast. An absolute gorgeous ride through the southern stretches of Arizona and weaving in and out of small towns and two lane roads made you realize why you live in Arizona. As we pulled into the town of Tombstone, you are transported back in time with dirt roads, horse drawn stage coaches and people on motorcycles dressed up like Bandoleros. Some window shopping and a bite to eat to kill some time before the show and we were ready to roll, a short 27 miles through long sweeping curves into the old historic town of Bisbee, AZ.

Pulling into Bisbee and off the main road to ride the small side street to “The Gulch” you can see all the cool choppers and bikes lining the street. We get directed by one of the patrons to turn up the hill to a small lot. A walk up a very steep flight of stairs into the event and it is chopper heaven! Row after row of beautifully crafted machines, friends standing around talking about motorcycles, beautiful scenery and music. The winner of the best chopper goes home with an orange helmet and that helmet comes back to the show every year.

The best part of the show is at the end Naco Chris hosts a kick ass campout! His place is right on the boarder of Mexico and you can see the boarder wall fence from his backyard. He had food trucks there as well as a hand built mini bike track! There were trips to the boarder for tacos and fun chopper shenanigans. The hospitality by Naco Chris was like no other!

If you missed this years Holw ʻN Prowl it is a show to write in the books for next year! We hope to see you there. Until then… keep it twisted!!

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