About LSG

“Lane Splitters has gone through a number of changes over the years; both rewarding and challenging. Growing through them all, we have refined our operation with an unmatched focus on customer service and craftsmanship. Many chains have the inventory, manpower, and investors to do it all…however with no passion/love for motorcycles or the blood, sweat, and years so many of us have invested in them. Every Harley or Custom that enters our shop is looked over and treated with the only the best interest and safety of our customers in mind. Attention to detail combined with fit & finish is why you come to Lane Splitters Garage. Thank you for visiting us and giving us the opportunity to take your bike to the next level.” -Miguel


Growing up in Southern California and spending several years in the Midwest, Miguel has experienced a wide range of styles from several regions of the country.

At age 15, Miguel began with working on his 1952 Chevy pick-up; bringing it back to life and customizing it to his liking. Shortly thereafter he acquired his first motorcycle, a Kawasaki 500. Similar to his truck he couldn’t wait to strip it down and give it the style he had envisioned. Having since then developed a passion for cutting, chopping and riding motorcycles, Miguel has made it a point to explore various styles and designs. A great part of his mission has been inspired by many legendary masters of craftsmanship such as Donnie Smith and Arlen Ness.

As the heart of Lane Splitters Garage, Miguel continues to learn and progress on every project. His passion for motorcycles is apparent when you meet him and experience the environment he has created at the shop.


Midwest Lane Splitters/Racer
Bubba has been vital to LSG’s growth and continues to be a solid advocate for our mission. Not only a great fabricator and wrench, but an aspiring flat track racer as well, Bubba travels to many events across the Midwest. His dedication to motorcycle customization is just one many qualities that he contributes to the Lane Splitters Garage family. Don’t let his overwhelming beard scare you, he never turns down a ride or a chance to hang out and talk motorcycles. There’s a good chance you will catch him at a flat track race across the country or on the streets doing a standing circle burnout on his Dyna.

Mike P.

Coming from the Midwest, Mike is a natural with a wrench in hand. An addiction to speed and desire to learn makes him a perfect fit for the shop. Always working on making his 2016 FLHX faster and taking on any race that comes his way is how he likes to spend his free time. Bringing a fresh set of eyes and creativity to the table, we are glad to have Mr. Tennessee on our team!